Join our online mapping workshops on green travel

Join us for an interactive online workshop to share your ideas and experiences about cycling, walking and public transport in the Bingley Rural area (Harden, St Ives, Wilsden, Cullingworth, Denholme, Cottingley). Through an enjoyable and engaging session run by Mapping for Change, we will explore together what would enable more of us to use these green and healthy modes of travel instead of having to rely on cars.

There will be a follow-up workshop (Tues 22nd  Feb, 6-7.15pm) discussing ways to make our ideas happen, introducing and exploring an online interactive map, based on contributions from the first workshop. It would be great if you can attend both workshops, but your input at the first will be appreciated even if you can’t make the second. Anyone who lives in or close to, or regularly visits, the Bingley Rural area is welcome – we’re keen to hear the views of a broad range of people!

The mapping workshops are part of the Bingley Rural Green Travel project (see below). The idea is to gather local input on what our communities need to be less car-dependent, to reduce traffic and pollution, and make our villages and streets greener, healthier, safer and more pleasant.

Note that the first workshop is being repeated at different times to enable wide involvement: 12.45-2pm on 13th Jan and repeated 6-7.15pm 18th Jan – please only book onto one of these. But do also book onto the follow-up workshop on 22nd Feb if you can make that one.

Book at Bingley Green Travel Workshops Eventbright.

More about the Bingley Rural Green Travel Project

Our Bingley Rural Green Travel Project aims to raise awareness and get people thinking, talking and airing their views on how we can make our local transport and travel more sustainable – scroll down for how you can input. The Project got underway in September and we have already been running roadshows and surveys to gather views from local residents and the many visitors to the area on how we can make it easier, safer and more appealing to use public transport, walking and cycling instead of always relying on cars to get around.

Ultimately, we want to help reduce traffic, and the noise, pollution and danger it causes in our communities, as well as the major contribution it makes to the climate emergency. However, we recognise that it’s not always a simple matter of choice which type of transport people use, so we need to break down barriers and listen to what local people have to say.

This Project is the first of its kind, bringing together local councils in Cullingworth, Denholme, Harden and Wilsden, and drawing on expert help from Sustrans and Mapping for Change, to explore opportunities for positive change. The project is supported by Shipley Area Committee.

Some facts on green travel

  • Transport is now the biggest source of greenhouse emissions in the UK, with cars and vans making up the largest share;
  • Globally, transport emissions are rising faster than any other sector;
  • Road traffic mileage has increased by a third since 1990, and has now bounced back to pre-pandemic levels;
  • The evidence is clear that to achieve clean, green transport that everyone can benefit from, we need to focus on developing and increasing access to public and community transport, walking and cycling – rolling out more electric cars won’t go far enough and isn’t an option for many people;
  • The government’s new strategy for Decarbonising Transport has ‘modal shift’ onto public transport, walking and cycling as its top priority;
  • Scientists warn we have just a few years left to bring down emissions, to avoid the effects of global heating worsening, already being felt through extreme weather.

How can I get involved?

Sign up for one of our online mapping workshops (see above) or alternatively you can contact Harden Village Council through any of the options on our contact us page to feed in your views at any time.

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