The Bingley Rural Green Travel Project aims to get people thinking, talking and airing their views on how we can make local transport and travel more sustainable – especially by enabling and encouraging people to use public transport, walking and cycling instead of always relying on cars.

Local councils are working together across Bingley Rural (Harden, Wilsden, Cullingworth, Denholme and Cottingley) to raise awareness and gather views from residents and visitors.

Get inspired by our Green Travel Map

Our Green Travel Map has been created to inspire greener, healthier travel among residents and visitors. It shows some of the wonderful places to enjoy in Bingley Rural, reachable on foot, by bike, or by bus. Download the map here, or look out for free copies in local shops, cafés and venues.

Image of Green Travel Map


The map provides ideas for green, healthy journeys, but do check the details before travelling using these websites.

For planning public transport journeys:

Our local bus operators for routes, timetables and prices:

For detailed walking, cycling and riding routes: (select OS)

Why leave the car and go green?

  • It’s healthier for you and people around you
  • Avoid the stress of traffic and parking
  • Reduce toxic air pollution in our communities
  • Transport is now our biggest source of greenhouse emissions: reducing car journeys is key to tackling the climate crisis
  • On public transport you can cut carbon by up to 90% compared to a large petrol car; if you walk or cycle it’s 100%

Post your views on our online map

We have also created an interactive online map to collect experiences and ideas on how green travel can be improved. You can input comments, ideas, recommendations and images, which will be reviewed by local councillors to inform ongoing work. You can also see what others are saying.

You’ll find the map here: You’ll need to create a log in (it’s quick and easy) before adding posts. Find tips on using the map on the right of the welcome page.

More about the project

Our Bingley Rural Green Travel Project set out to raise awareness and get people thinking, talking and airing views on how we can make our local transport and travel more sustainable. We ran a series of roadshows, an online survey, and interactive mapping workshops, before creating our interactive online map and green travel promotional map.

Ultimately, we want to reduce traffic, and the noise, pollution and danger it causes in our communities, and help everyone to do their bit to tackle the climate emergency. We recognise it’s not always a simple matter of choice which mode of transport people use, so we need to break down barriers and listen to what people have to say.

This Project is the first of its kind, bringing together local councils in Cullingworth, Denholme, Harden and Wilsden, and drawing on expert help from Sustrans and Mapping for Change, to explore opportunities for positive change. The project is supported by Shipley Area Committee.

Some facts on green travel

  • Transport is now the biggest source of greenhouse emissions in the UK, with cars and vans making up the largest share;
  • Globally, transport emissions are rising faster than any other sector;
  • Road traffic mileage has increased by a third since 1990, and has now bounced back to pre-pandemic levels; it’s forecast to keep growing in our local area;
  • The evidence is clear that to achieve clean, green transport that everyone can benefit from, we need to focus on developing and increasing access to public and community transport, walking and cycling – rolling out more electric cars won’t go far enough and isn’t an option for many people;
  • The government’s new strategy for Decarbonising Transport has ‘modal shift’ onto public transport, walking and cycling as its top priority;
  • Scientists warn we have just a few years left to bring down emissions, to avoid the effects of global heating worsening, already being felt through extreme weather.

How can I get involved?

Help to share and encourage use of our Green Travel Map among people you know. Give your views on green travel through our interactive online map or you can contact Harden Village Council via the options on our contact us page.