Cyril Capstick

Cyril Capstick was born in 1894. In 1911, he was living at 4 Croft Street, Harden with his father James, his brother Horace and his sister Eveline.

Horace was killed at Gallipoli in 1915. Cyril joined West Riding Regiment in 1916 giving his occupation as (indecipherable and whip making).

He was punished for being absent without leave for three days in 1918 for which he was sentenced to 6 days of Field Punishment No 2. This involved being shackled in irons for 2 hours in every 24 and not for more than three days in every four.

By the time he was demobilised in June 1919 he was classified as 40% incapacitated because of a problem with his right hand and left elbow.

He may have been injured in France in 1917 and he was in hospital in Rouen. The note of the X-ray of his hand has survived from 1919 indicating ‘disability and deformity’.


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