Use our online map to have your say on green travel

As part of our Bingley Rural Green Travel Project we have set up an online map, working with Mapping for Change, to collect local views and ideas on green travel. We have already collected a range of input through our online mapping workshops, but we’re keen to hear from as many people as possible.

Use the map to provide views and input on any aspect of green travel in the Bingley Rural area (Cullingworth, Denholme, Harden, St Ives, Wilsden, Cottingley). Whether you’re a local resident or regular visitor, we want you to let us know how walking, cycling and public transport can be improved to help people get around more sustainably – and also your positive experiences and local attractions that can be reached using green travel modes. All comments are reviewed by local councillors and used to inform improvements and awareness-raising in the area. You can also see what others are saying, and add images and clips to illustrate your points.

You’ll find the map here: You’ll simply need to create a log in (it’s quick and easy) and then post away, about local issues, ideas and assets to do with green travel.

The map has been created as part of the Bingley Rural Green Travel Project, an initiative to get people thinking, talking and giving their views on making local transport and travel more sustainable and better for everyone. We want to understand how we can make it easier, safer and more appealing to use public transport, walking and cycling instead of always relying on cars. The ultimate goal is to reduce traffic, noise, pollution and road danger, help address the climate emergency, and make our communities great places to live and visit.

The project is run by the local councils of Cullingworth, Denholme, Harden and Wilsden, with expert help from Sustrans and Mapping for Change, with support from Shipley Area Committee.