Archibald Boocock

Army Service Corps

Archibald Boocock was born in 1873. In 1911, he lived at 70 Long Lane Harden with his wife Minnie and their children Emma, Edna and James.

His occupation is recorded as ‘ spiral spring maker’.

He joined the Army Service Corps in November 1915. Known as the unsung heroes of the War, the ASC provided food, equipment and ammunition for the men fighting at the front. At its peak, it numbered 10,547 officers and 315,334 men plus countless others under their orders.

By 1918, they were supplying 13 million gallons of petrol a month to France and 90 million pounds of bread.

Private Boocock spent time in France and was discharged home in early 1919.

He was punished for being absent without leave for two days in 1918 for which he was sentenced to 10 days of Field Punishment No 2. This involved being shackled in irons for 2 hours in every 24 and not for more than three days in every four. He also lost two days pay.


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