Harden Village Council is in the process of producing a Neighbourhood Plan – this is a statutory land-use planning document that aims to shape and influence how Harden develops in the future.

Community consultation and engagement have been key to drawing up the Plan. The Council has facilitated several events and activities over the last 2 years to help gain an understanding of what local people value and what issues people would like to see addressed. One of the key areas of interest to emerge has been local heritage.

Harden includes many listed buildings, structures and monuments, a conservation area (Ryecroft) and ancient woodlands. These are all protected under the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and through Bradford Council’s planning policies.

However, Harden also contains many heritage assets that are not formally designated, recognised or protected. As part of the Neighbourhood Plan, the Village Council commissioned a heritage assessment to consider what other buildings and features are important to local history.

The heritage assessment involved consideration of a long list of buildings, produced by the Harden Neighbourhood Planning (NP) Project Team. The historic and architectural merit of each asset was subsequently assessed. The work was undertaken on behalf of the Council by a specialist in Urban Design & Heritage based studies, Conservation Area Appraisals, Heritage Statements and Masterplanning.

The final document can be viewed here: Harden Non Designated Heritage Assets Assessments (PDF, 10Mb).

If required a high resolution version can be downloaded here: Harden Non Designated Heritage Assets Assessments – High Resolution (PDF, 83Mb).