The Village Council notes that under the UK Homes for Ukraine scheme, individuals wanting to offer a room or home to people fleeing Ukraine can register to become a sponsor. Where a sponsor already knows a Ukrainian national (or immediate family member), they can help them apply for a visa under the Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme.

Ukrainians with visas who do not know a sponsor, will be matched with people or organisations who have registered their interest.

Under the scheme, Government will provide £10,500 per refugee to Bradford Council to provide essential services and support. A monthly payment of £350 is also available to sponsors, if required.

The scheme incorporates safeguarding and home safety checks to minimise risks of exploitation and abuse and to ensure the safety of hosts and guests.

The Village Council would encourage Harden residents who are able, to register their interest as a sponsor by visiting: –

There is a helpful Facebook group here: Bingley Rural Ukraine Guest Support Group.